About Us

Our Mission

Our consultants help navigate even the most challenging social and environmental issues of our time. We provide a unique model for consultants to harness their collective expertise and provide opportunities for collaboration, partnership and innovation to maximize our impact around shared values.

Our Values

•We give and receive honest feedback
•We make clear our motivations and objectives
•We are transparent about our strengths and weaknesses as individuals, and as a network; we know what we can and can not do

•We collaborate on work that will have a positive impact on the community
•We leverage or create systems to collaborate
•We collaborate on projects, sharing any potential conflicts of interest
•We operate in the spirit of abundance versus the fear of scarcity

•We consider who has an interest and actively include them
•We meaningfully engage stakeholders, particularly those who have traditionally been excluded
•We amplify marginalized voices in our work, and do our best to lower barriers for their participation
•We regularly reflect on and improve our equity practices
•We have honest conversations about how time and resources are often at odds with an inclusive process, and consider those tradeoffs when designing projects

•We all have the opportunity to learn and share with each other
•We build mutually-beneficial mentoring relationships across skills and experience
•We enhance the quality of the services provided to clients and the community

•We have a reputation for making a positive impact on the communities we serve
•We build capacity in communities to address the challenges they face
•We hold ourselves accountable to the outcomes we say we will help achieve

•We do what we say we will do
•We commit to producing our best work for the group independently and together
•We are quick to ask questions and clarify misunderstandings

Our Board

Our Members